What is worth visiting in Texas?

TexasTexas is the second largest state in the US, and it is also known as “Lone Star State”. It is the land of charming towns, beautiful landscapes, and exciting cities. You find a unique style of geography, economy, and culture in each region.

It really is an amazing state filled with contrasts. You can enjoy the beaches all along the Gulf of Mexico, Skyscrapers of Houston, get a taste of Mexican culture in San Antonio, visit the “Big D” (that’s Dallas to you non-Texans) or get weird in Austin.

But you’ll miss a lot of things in Texas if you’re only hitting the big cities. Don’t forget to take a detour to Marfa, Terlingua, and Alpine when driving out to El Paso. Get a kolache at the Czech Stop in West when heading to Waco. And don’t pass up Seymour on the way if you must have to go to Oklahoma.

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What we don’t know about flowers?

flowersThroughout history, flowers happen to be used for many things. Individuals use flowers to symbolize complex emotions, like faithfulness, love, and remembrance. Blooms have already been used for centuries for aromatherapy, medicinal, and other therapeutic functions.

Today, folks usually send cut bouquets and arrangements as a means to convey things like “I am sorry” and “Thank you.”

Blooms are pretty much everywhere you look either at the side of the road, taking over the garden or in a vase on the table.

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How will museums look like in the future?

museums of the futureMuseums have been as concerned with the prognosis as with the preservation. In caring for the present and the past, they must stake a claim on what is going to matter later on. These wagers usually call for trying to find aspirations or new versions.

Museums today stand for connectivity, originality, and cooperation, which framework for outreach and curation, audience development will continue into the future. Sustainability will be assembled into the framework of operations, and community well-being function as the default options result for all stakeholders.

The museum of the future is a narrative space in flux. Displays, groups, and archives can be anticipated to be mostly digital, 3D printed, seen through augmented reality apparatus, with curators receiving real-time or holographic cues from crowds according to what they would like to experience. Continue reading

Newton County Historical Commission Museums

Powell Hotel MuseumPowell Hotel & W. H. Ford Male and Female College Museum

Rusk Street
Newton, TX 75966
Hours: Tuesdays (2-4 p.m.)
Other days by appointment
Donations accepted

In 1999 the heirs of Helen Powell donated the Powell Hotel, formerly the W. H. Ford Male and Female College, to the Newton County Historical Commission for use as a museum. The restoration project is being chaired by Mark Karpel.

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Old Sayings Collection

How time flies


    • A bad hair day
    • A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush
    • A bolt out of the blue
    • A chain is as strong as its weakest link
    • A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once

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