What we don’t know about flowers?

flowersThroughout history, flowers happen to be used for many things. Individuals use flowers to symbolize complex emotions, like faithfulness, love, and remembrance. Blooms have already been used for centuries for aromatherapy, medicinal, and other therapeutic functions.

Today, folks usually send cut bouquets and arrangements as a means to convey things like “I am sorry” and “Thank you.”

Blooms are pretty much everywhere you look either at the side of the road, taking over the garden or in a vase on the table.

There are still some surprising facts hidden from you even if you believe that that you everything about these picturesque plants.

We are certainly beguiled with the lovely scent and striking beauty of the flowers, but many flowers carry hidden features in them. Flowers and plants have served medicinally for thousands of years.

Some flowers, such as the lotus, carry the historical or religious significance in them. Dive into the fascinating world of bloom-lore and get a brand new understanding of these plants.

Hundreds of thousands of species

There are hundreds of thousands of flowers exist according to the scientists – more than 270,000 at current count. The most culturally valuable and gifted flowers worldwide (Roses) have the 35000 various species. Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer was the first person to deliver roses, who brought the symbolic flowers North America in the 16th century.

The largest flower in the world

Titan ArumsTitan Arums produces the largest flower in the world, growing up to 10ft high and 3ft wide. The fact that the flower smells like a rotting flesh never let it become a household hit.



Sunflowers bask

Sunflowers are known because of their appeal and brightness, and their name is really quite clever. Sunflowers adore the sun and way changes as it goes from east to west each day to point toward sunlight.

Moon flowers odd blooms

Moon flowers are another decidedly unique plant when we speak of off blooming patterns. Moon flowers bloom at night in the light of the moon while the sunshine is required by many flowers to thrive.

Avage’s single Blossom

The agave plant is commonly called “the century plant.” That is because it can thrive without growing any blooms. Subsequently, by the end of its life, an agave plant expires and generates a single bloom.

Tulips make great salad ingredients

Several varieties of tulip make excellent salad fixings and have petals that are edible. Sharp, peppery and vibrant; they’ll add an exotic twist to your own evening meals and brighten up your light lunch.

Tulip bulbs can be replaced for onions in many recipes

Nevertheless, it’s significant to ensure that fresh bulbs that haven’t been exposed to pesticides are just used by you – otherwise, your culinary experiences may not taste too great.

Scotland’s national flower

Vikings invaded Scotland hundreds of years ago, where the patches of wild thistle slowed them, allowing the Scots time to escape. Due to this, the wild thistle was named Scotland’s national flower.

You must know these facts if you’re a flower lover.