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At Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening, we have a team of professionals specializing in garden design in Houston, Texas, that is in charge of designing or remodeling not only gardens but also terraces, patios, swimming pools, or any other space, with appropriate plant species and garden furniture.

We carry out bespoke garden design and landscaping projects in Houston, Texas, with the aim of adapting an outdoor or indoor space to your tastes and needs, and for you to enjoy a place that allows you to be in contact with nature.

In addition, as specialists in sustainable gardening, we try to create a garden that respects the environment, reducing the consumption of water, substrate, fertilizers, and phytosanitary products, as well as maintenance costs.


With Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening you won’t have to worry, since we take care of everything to create your garden, adapting to your needs and starting from the idea you have. We advise you and propose different options so that you can choose the one you like the most and the best fit for what you are looking for. And if you wish, you can hire our garden maintenance service, to ensure that it remains healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

We offer you suitable solutions for decorating walls or facades with different plant species that, in addition to improving aesthetics, will help purify the air, reduce ambient temperature, promote biodiversity, and create a healthier environment.

Of course, when creating or remodeling a garden, we take into account the characteristics of each space, with the aim of making the most appropriate decisions that allow us to achieve the best results.

In addition, in our landscaping service in Houston, Texas, we recycle and take advantage, if you want, of all kinds of containers for the plants you have and all the materials that we have at our disposal, in order to create an exclusive design that will not go unnoticed.

If you want to enjoy your garden to the fullest and take a leap in the quality of life, contact us. We will carry out a garden design project tailored to your needs, to create a unique garden that will become your favorite place in the home.