Chainsaw Tree Pruning Forest - Free photo on Pixabay

We help your plants grow healthy and look perfect all year round.

At Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening, we are specialized in pruning and felling in Houston, Texas, and we are at your disposal to prune your garden, as well as to remove any tree that is in poor condition and there is a risk of falling.

Our team of professional gardeners will ensure that your plants grow healthy and look perfect throughout the year, and will eliminate any plant species that require removal.


If you have a garden and need to prune it, contact us.

Pruning is essential for the good maintenance of gardens, whose main objective is to clean up the plants or trees, eliminating dry, crooked, or diseased branches that prevent proper development.

At Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening we carry out all kinds of pruning, being clear about how and when to prune each species, to achieve the best results.

We are trained in tree pruning in Houston, Texas, since we have the professionals, the experience, and all the necessary means to carry out pruning at height and with controlled fall. We carry out sanitation and reformation pruning, cleaning, thinning, and maintenance.

We also carry out pruning of palm trees, with or without brushing the trunk, as well as the removal of dried palms, flowers, and fruits to an authorized manager.

And of course, we prune hedges and plant walls, regardless of the species or size.

With pruning, we manage to improve the health and aesthetics of your plants, and we keep your garden clean and beautiful throughout the year.

To achieve the best results, it is essential that the pruning is carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, since otherwise the plants could be damaged, affecting their growth and development in the future.