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Do Termites Survive With Lower Temperatures?

Temperature normally affects most insects. However, termites, although they are affected by the cold, maintain their activity throughout the year.

Temperature normally affects the activity and presence of most insects. When the low temperatures so characteristic of winter arrive, many reduce their activity, and some even disappear, entering a kind of hibernation. However, termites, although they are affected by the cold, maintain their activity throughout the year.

It is very common to mistakenly think that there are no termite infestations in winter. That is why, below, we explain a little more about these xylophagous insects that give so many headaches.

Termites and Cold

As insects that they are, the activity of termites is affected by low temperatures, as we mentioned before, so they slow down, but, unlike other insects, they remain active all year round.

What does happen with this type of pest, then, is that their activity slows down when the temperature drops. In addition, in their juvenile phases, their development is also slowed down and the queens lay fewer eggs. However, we must bear in mind that buildings have optimal conditions inside, both in terms of temperature and humidity, which make termites find their perfect refuge in them to stay active at all times of the year and continue with their woodwork.

The furniture and any other element with cellulose thus become susceptible to being infested by a plague of termites, regardless of the month in which we find ourselves, and with all that this implies in terms of material damage, and the damage that can be caused generate in the wooden structures of buildings.

At Turbo Termite Inspection Specialist in San Diego, we believe that it is important not to let our guard down during the winter and to be attentive to the signs of the presence of xylophagous insects. Detecting them in time is the first step to then proceed with their elimination, which should always be left in the hands of specialized professionals.


How To Reduce Expenses In The Refrigeration System

No two commercial refrigeration systems are the same, not even within the same sector or area of ​​action. Why? Because the characteristics of a system depend not only on the element to be cooled but also on the environment in which they are located.

In general terms, the energy efficiency of your cooling system is determined by:

  • The cooling capacity (the heat that we want to extract from an environment)
  • The energy power (the energy injected until reaching the ideal temperature)

For a refrigeration unit to be considered efficient, you must consider the greatest cooling capacity with the least possible energy capacity. Now, how do we do it?

Choose the right cooling system

Installing a refrigeration system in a supermarket warehouse will not be the same as installing it in a clean room with very specific needs. Some systems are more efficient than others (energetically speaking), but the fact that they are does not make them suitable for you. Find out which system meets the needs of your industry, and then find a way to make it as efficient as possible.

Consider your location

What surrounds you is as conditioning a factor as any other. An efficient cooling system in a dry climate can be terrible in a humid environment. The temperature, the exposure of the equipment, sudden changes… all of these are factors to take into account when installing a system to opt for its most efficient version.

Pay attention to the design of the cooling system

The key for the design of your refrigeration system to be adequate is to find the balance between the solution to your production needs and the energy expenditure that you want or can afford. Thinking about both factors from the beginning will help you find your customized solution. Whether you are looking for a Grow Room for your farm then the best way is to have a specialist such as American Walk-In Coolers who can guide you in something as complex as a customized cold storage warehouse design for your industry.


Grass: Natural or Artificial?

On this occasion, we analyze in our blog two options to enjoy a green and good-looking garden. As a gardening company in Houston, Texas, at Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening we carry out projects with both products. The use of one or the other will depend on the different elements that we are going to analyze below.

Each type of lawn has outstanding benefits for aesthetics, health and, why not say it, for the pocket. There are also cases in which the architectural circumstances of a certain enclosure only allow the installation of one, the artificial one, in most cases.


Always green: This is the main advantage of artificial grass since it is not affected by any type of external agents such as heat, pests, or the absence of proper maintenance (lack of irrigation, etc.). For all these reasons, this type of grass remains green 365 days a year.

Water-saving: By not needing continuous irrigation, water-saving is one of its main strengths. Of course, for optimal maintenance, it is necessary to treat it with a good hose from time to time accompanied by a brushing that serves to clean it correctly.

Off-road: Artificial grass can be placed on practically any surface or flooring (attic, playground, rooftop, etc.).

Time-saving: Since it does not require regular watering or mowing, you do not have to spend a lot of time maintaining this lawn. Another added advantage is that hardly any machinery or products such as lawnmowers or fertilizers are required.

As a gardening company in Houston, Texas, at Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening we also develop artificial grass installation projects. Ask us without obligation!


Prevents erosion and absorbs rain: Natural grass forms a natural carpet, which, thanks to its extensive network of roots, adheres to the ground preventing erosion. In addition, for the same reason, it absorbs a large amount of water in the event of rain, becoming a good natural resource to prevent flooding.

Controls the temperature: This type of grass acts as a natural air conditioner because in those places where it is installed it reduces the temperature of the ground level significantly (nothing comparable to asphalt or concrete). According to experts, a space of grass equal to eight houses has the capacity to cool about 70 tons of air.

Reduces noise and prevents pollution: Reduces the impact of sound between 20% and 30%, because instead of amplifying or bouncing it, it absorbs it. On the other hand, at the same time, natural grass also absorbs air pollution from its surroundings.

At Newton Texas Network- Commercial and Residential Gardening, your gardening company in Houston, Texas, we are also installers of natural grass in communities, urbanization, and private homes. Entrust us with its maintenance and you will notice the results!